Best Views in Atlanta

Whether you’ve been an Atlantan all your life or are planning to visit A-Town for the first time, you should carve out some time to really see it. Standing in the heart of the city will give you the hustle and bustle, but you can’t truly view the city in all its glory until you take a step back. If you’re a professional photographer or simply enjoy blogging your travels, you will definitely want to visit a few of these viewing posts.

Jackson Street Bridge

As one of the most iconic photography backdrops in Atlanta, Jackson Street Bridge is not to be missed. It sits in the historic Old Forth Ward and rests high above Freedom Parkway. The positions afford wide-angle views of the entire skyline. Nighttime pictures are best captured with a long exposure, capturing the zooming headlights and motion of the city. Daytime photographers should head to the spot before sunrise to capture the golden rays peeking out over the city limits.

Krog Street Tunnel

Descend into the depths of A-Town for some of the best urban photography spots on the east coast. Krog Street Tunnel is dressed head to toe in graffiti and street art, providing damp and comfortable vibes for hundreds of yards. The tunnel is a favorite among locals; don’t be surprised if you stumble across a music video production or wedding shoot. You may even catch a street artist in the midst of painting a new mural.


High atop the bustling streets of Atlanta sits Polaris, an icon among locals and a favorite among photographers. The rotating restaurant offers unparalleled views of the entire city, which change every so often to allow professional picture-takers and casual Instagrammers to shift their focus. Day or night, you’re sure to snap a brag-worthy photo of the skyline. A bird’s eye view never looked (or tasted!) so good.

Skyview Atlanta

Rise high above A-Town to snap amazing bird’s-eye photos of the city below. This Ferris wheel is equally fun and convenient, as you can capture dozens of unique angles and viewpoints to find an aesthetic you like. You must purchase a ticket to ride, but the price is well worth it when you consider the views you’ll get.

Piedmont Park

Calling all nature photographers – did you know you can blend beautiful greenery with stunning urban architecture, all while standing still? Piedmont Park offers a unique backdrop of blooming bushes, towering trees and beautiful flowers that stand in the shadows of Atlanta’s staggering skyscrapers. There are dozens of viewpoints in the park, which features rolling hills and a gorgeous reflection pond.

Atlanta Botanical Garden

This one is a no-brainer, but the Atlanta Botanical Garden is a must for photographers of all skill levels. The beautiful 30-acre park is just a short walk from Piedmont Park and offers breathtaking views of blooming flowers, exotic plants and ornate décor. The Garden features frequent events and community-focused gatherings, so you may not be alone on your next visit. It’s also a favorite for wedding photography, formal pictures and headshots.

Oakland Cemetery

This historic burial site is a great stop for photographers who enjoy dramatic subjects, lighting and angles. Oakland Cemetery is the city’s oldest public park and is the final resting place for many famous Georgians. From wrought iron gates and gravestones to statues of weeping angels, every photographer can find a subject that suits. And, if you get it just right, you’ll have an urban backdrop to juxtapose the historic figurines in the foreground.


Another favorite among nature photographers, the Beltline is a beautiful combination of trees, tunnels and street art. The former railway corridor now sits as a multi-use trail. Bikers, joggers and walkers enjoy taking the trail from one end to the other. Photographers flock to the Beltline to capture unique pictures of abandoned trails winding through paved paths and natural walkways. The trail is still being developed, so certain areas may be off-limits.

Centennial Olympic Park

This 21-acre park was once part of the magnificent infrastructure of the 1996 Summer Olympics, but now serves as a public space. The area is adored by locals and visitors alike for its sweeping city views, beautifully-landscaped gardens and community events. One of the best photo ops is the Sky View Ferris Wheel, serving as the epicenter of the public space. It’s uniquely placed between Atlanta’s skyscrapers and the greenery of the park, offering hundreds of unique perspectives to capture.

Inman Park

Walk through this iconic neighborhood and you’ll see why Inman Park is one of the go-to photography spots. The area is known for its hip cafes, coffee shops and brunch spots, but photographers enjoy it for its industrial vibes and historic Victorian-style houses. In fact, walk through long enough and you’ll stumble across red brick houses covered in twisting vines and greenery. No matter where you go in Inman Park, you can snap breathtaking pictures to brag about.

Little Five Points

Another famous neighborhood rounds out the list of best views, and it’s not hard to see why. Little Five Points is hip, weird and eclectic. Locals walk the streets of Moreland Avenue for vintage clothing at indie shops, while photographers head to The Vortex to snap a shot of the iconic skeleton greeting thirsty patrons. The colorful storefronts feature mixed materials, eye-popping signs and murals from local artists. If you love street photography, Little Five Points is where you want to be.