Most Instagrammable Foods in Atlanta

In recent years, Atlanta has grown into one of the country’s newest major food destinations. From fine dining restaurants to local favorites, foodies from across the globe flock to enjoy this city’s unique culinary scene. Visitors can find a mix of Southern comfort, Asian fusion and delectable desserts to taste in most of Atlanta’s bustling neighborhoods.

More than just delicious, Atlanta cuisine often has a visual flair of its own that makes it perfect for avid Instagrammers looking for their next photo-op. Local plates feature unique takes on the classics, including pizza, sushi and doughnuts. Others simply combine fresh, vibrant ingredients for a mouthwatering presentation of favorite dishes. Discover some of Atlanta’s top instagrammable foods below.

The Unicorn Milkshake at Cheesecaked

Extreme milkshakes have quickly become a hit around the country, and Atlanta is no exception. These creamy drinks are easy to dress up with extra toppings, from rims of chocolate and candy pieces to entire pieces of cake. Located in Buckhead, Cheesecaked offers a few fancy milkshakes to choose from, each finished off with a cheesecake bar, among other indulgent trappings.

However, the most eye-catching by far is the Unicorn milkshake. This treat is made with your ice cream of choice in a decorated sprinkle cup, and topped with rainbow candies, cotton candy, a large marshmallow, a cheesecake bar and of course, an edible unicorn head.

Biscuit Bowl at Callie’s Hot Little Biscuit

Biscuits and grits top the list of iconic southern comfort foods, and this eatery in Atlanta’s Virginia-Highland neighborhood offers its own spin. Callie’s Hot Little Biscuit has a variety of freshly made biscuits on the menu, including both sweet and savory options from black pepper bacon to homemade blackberry jam.

For the most Instagram-worthy option, visitors order the biscuit bowl. This bowl made entirely of biscuit dough is filled with grits and covered in any combination of toppings, including pimento cheese, bacon gravy and savory thyme whipped butter. Visit during big game weekends for a chance to grab the super biscuit bowl deal.

Pizza Carnevale at Amalfi Pizza

Pizzas come in all shapes and sizes, but the truly unique pies are the ones that top the Instagram feed. Amalfi Pizza in the heart of Peachtree Center is known for its authentic approach to pizza, with the iconic bright red sauce, globs of mozzarella, bits of fresh basil and lightly charred crust.

The most photogenic item on the menu takes this traditional pie and adds a spin on the stuffed-crust craze. Dubbed the Carnevale, this pizza features triangular pockets of crust along the edges, stuffed with homemade ricotta cheese. The resulting sun-like shape is reminiscent of the masks worn during the Italian festival of Carnevale, which can add a bit of celebration to any foodie’s Instagram.

Pecan Praline Pancakes at Pancake Social

You can’t visit Georgia without tasting the nutty deliciousness that is pecan praline. Pancake Social serves this tasty combination up over a short stack of fluffy pancakes. Newly situated in the beloved Ponce City Market in Old Fourth Ward, visitors can enjoy all-day brunch while exploring the historic Sears building.

The Pecan Praline Stack features four thick, cakey pancakes smothered in a praline sauce and topped with pecans, which makes for a classic photo-op. Other highly instagrammable menu items include Japanese soufflé pancakes and Elbelskiver, which are Danish ball-shaped pancakes rolled in a cinnamon sugar mixture.

The Grindhouse Style at Grindhouse Killer Burgers

Another food favorite that Atlanta is well-known for is burgers. While many eateries these days dress up their burgers with fancy ingredients, sometimes you just crave a big, messy, mouthwatering cheeseburger to satisfy your appetite. Grindhouse Killer Burgers in Piedmont Heights delivers just that with its Grindhouse Style burger.

Dripping with American cheese, grilled onions and grindhouse sauce, this sloppy food will be the perfect addition to your Instagram feed. Order a side of Dirty South fries if you’re feeling particularly adventurous.

Sushi Pizza at Poke Burri

You have likely heard of the infamous sushi donut circulating the internet, as well as the more popular sushi burrito. Poke Burri in East Atlanta takes the sushi sensation even further with its Sushi Pizza. This spot is famous for its secret menu items, including this unique combination of two favorites.

Featuring a long sushi roll for crust, the remainder of each slice is made up of a bed of rice covered in toppings. Popular options include raw tuna, flying fish roe, edamame and spicy mayonnaise. Some ingredients are even placed to look like traditional pizza toppings, such as pepperoni.

The Domino at Arepa Mia

For Latin cuisine with a visual flair, Arepa Mia offers stuffed Venezuelan-style corn cakes called arepas that are as beautiful as they are delicious. Diners can choose between several different options at this Sweet Auburn restaurant, including meat-filled and vegetarian dishes.

The Domino in particular makes for a striking Instagram photo. This arepa is filled with black beans, fried sweet plantains, roasted red peppers, caramelized onions and queso de año cheese, and topped with vibrant green cilantro sauce for an array of colors.

The A-Town at Sublime Doughnuts

Doughnuts are another favorite for Instagram foodies, and according to locals, the go-to doughnut spot in Atlanta is Sublime. Sitting just across from the Georgia Tech campus, this shop features an array of specialty doughnuts, including flavors like fresh strawberries and cream, sweet potato cake, and chocolate banana. However, the cult favorites are the A-Town Cream and A-Town Mocha.

These flakey doughnuts are molded into the shape of the letter “A” and stuffed with a delicious creamy filling. While the letter “A” is the most common shape, customers can custom-order other letters, as well. Try spelling out a message with your doughnut haul for the perfect Instagram snapshot.

The Coronary Bypass Burgers at The Vortex Bar & Grill

If you’re looking for a challenge as well as your next Instagram post, The Vortex has you covered. Several locations exist throughout Atlanta, but the Little Five Points location boasts a massive photogenic skull over the entrance to the restaurant. Inside you will find some of the most infamous burgers around, including the Single, Double, Triple and Quadruple Coronary Bypass burgers.

Each of these massive burgers is made up of multiple beef patties stacked between bacon and grilled cheese sandwiches. While the Single is available any time, the other Bypass burgers are reserved for weekly challenges. Try your lucks with one of these stacks and snap a photo that is sure to earn you some major “likes.”