The Most Gorgeous Cocktails in Atlanta

Few things in life feel more glamorous than sipping an elegant cocktail while out on the town. As a thriving culinary and travel hub, Atlanta boasts no shortage of hip bars and restaurants serving their own signature drinks. Many hotspots are known to craft new cocktails on a regular basis, creating new seasonal favorites to bring customers back for more.

From riffs on classic drinks to brilliant and bold new combinations, the Atlanta bar scene has something to offer everyone. If you are looking for a beverage that is just as gorgeous as it is tasty, check out these cocktails from some of the top bars in Atlanta.

Lemon Pepper Wet from Gunshow Atlanta

Former Top Chef Contestant Kevin Gillespie developed an interactive dining experience at his Glenwood Park restaurant, Gunshow. It is not surprising, then, that this eatery offers some of Atlanta’s most bold cocktail flavors. Along with many fun seasonal beverages, the restaurant maintains a few of its own staples year-round.

The Lemon Pepper Wet is a simple drink, consisting of peppered gin, calamansi vinegar, lemon and a pepper and cayenne oleo. The dried lemon and pink peppercorn garnish, along with the pale yellow tint, give this cocktail a delicate and sophisticated appearance.

The Bloody Best at The Nook on Piedmont Park

If you are in the mood for a solid classic, The Nook at Piedmont Park serves up a doozy. Self-proclaimed the Bloody Best, this restaurant’s version of the bloody mary comes in a 32-ounce glass, containing a mix of Dixie Pepper vodka and a homemade spicy bloody mary mix.

While most restaurants garnish this drink with a celery stick and a few olives, The Nook provides all the trappings to make the Bloody Best a complete snack. It is topped with jalapeños, tater tots, pepperoncini, lemon and lime wedges, steak, a hard-boiled egg and a slice of toast. All of this adds up to an impressive brunch drink, and guests can even add a meat straw to complete the treat.

The Pastis Provencal from Tin Tin

For a sweeter sip, diners can head to Tin Tin, situated near the Georgia Tech campus. Advertised as “Not Your Grandma’s Wine Bar,” this new hotspot sits adjacent to the sister restaurant, Aix, which proudly serves Provençale cuisine. This small bar serves a variety of French wines, in addition to a few signature cocktails.

Inspired by the restaurant’s fare, the Pastis Provençal cocktail is a light and fizzy drink with a base of Ramazzotti liqueur, pastis and soda. It then combines the complementary flavors of lemon and lavender, reminiscent of the lavender fields that Provence is so well known for. This icy white drink is garnished with a simple lemon peel and sprig of lavender.

The Bon Ton Hurricane from Bon Ton

Bon Ton offers a bit more vibrant flair in its cocktails, with its Louisiana Creole and Vietnamese inspiration. In particular, this restaurant brings a riff on the classic Hurricane cocktail to Atlanta. Originating in New Orleans during the 1940s, this drink is already well-known for its dramatic hues of orange and red.

The Bon Ton version is a striking beverage of aged agricole, Jamaican rum, absinthe, citrus and the special Bon Ton syrup. Rather than a traditional “hurricane” glass, this cocktail is served in a tall glass over a mountain of hand-shaved ice, and garnished with a sprig of fresh mint and a cinnamon stick.

Slice of Life from Seven Lamps

Seven Lamps is another restaurant that frequently changes up the menu with fun, new favorites. This includes homemade jerk sodas in vibrant flavors, as well as a series of signature cocktails. One of the prettiest drinks served on the menu in early spring is the Slice of Life.

This fruity beverage consists of gin, honey water and watermelon juice for a bright reddish pink hue. The feature that really spices up this drink is the detailed garnish. In addition to a fresh basil leaf, a tiny wedge of watermelon balanced on a spear along the rim of the glass enhances the sense of fun for this drink.

Kimball House

Kimball House is a major local favorite, with many signature cocktails rotated on a seasonal basis. One of the most visually appealing drinks released in the summer is the Moonstone. It’s concocted with a mixture of absinthe, raspberry brandy, opal basil, gin, lemon and maraschino. This combination results in a cocktail of iridescent hues from a soft purple to a bright pink. A sprig of flowers sits across the top of the glass for a light, floral touch.

Seville Rose from Gypsy Kitchen

If you’re a fan of the floral cocktails, Gypsy Kitchen serves a must-have dainty drink. Located in the Shops at Buckhead, Gypsy Kitchen offers a quaint place to dine after a day of shopping. The Seville Rose is a pleasant rosy-orange drink, made up of ginger, lemon, Tito’s vodka and a rose-spice syrup. Sprinkled amidst the delicate foam that rims the glass are a few dried rose petals for a truly indulgent and stylish sip.

The Fireside from The Atlas

Another popular Buckhead spot, The Atlas is considered to offer one of the best fine dining experiences in the city. As such, diners can enjoy beautifully crafted cocktails beside the tavern’s fireplace. Likely inspired by this cozy vibe, Atlas created an eye-catching cocktail known as The Fireside.

This drink consists of a blend of ginger syrup, apple cider reduction, tequila, barrel aged bitters and lemon juice. The result is a warm orange tipple, lit up by a fiery red caramel tuile garnish for the perfect autumn cocktail.

The Violet Femme from Holeman and Finch Public House

One of the best local spots for crafty cocktails is Holeman and Finch, near Peachtree Hills. The signature drink menu changes out regularly, with trendy names like the Netflix & Chill or the Dazed & Infused. This bar also frequently takes a spin on the classic drinks, including the Bee’s Knees.

In honor of efforts to save the bees, Holeman and Finch released the Violet Femme cocktail. The traditional Bee’s Knees is a simple combination of lemon, gin and honey, creating a soft yellow hue. Meanwhile, the Violet Femme is a cool violet hue with a thick layer of foam and garnished with thyme.