Top 12 Best Apps for Your Phone’s Camera

If you’re one of millions of smartphone users, you already know you have a state-of-the-art camera in your pocket. Truth be told, the standard iPhone or Android camera can always be improved. Take your photography skills to the next level by downloading one of these awesome camera apps. Apply filters, lenses and other interesting effects to improve your smartphone pictures and go viral on social media.

1.      Camera FV-5

Android users can obtain high-quality, DSLR-like photos with Camera FV-5, an app designed for those interested in professional photography on the fly. Adjust the ISO, exposure and shutter speed to capture the perfect picture every time. The seamless interface is clean and easy to use, as every setting is adjustable with a simple finger slide. Love night time photography? Take advantage of the long exposure setting. The app has free and paid premium versions.

2.      VSCO

Looking for a camera app that does it all? VSCO (pronounced visco) is your solution. Both iPhone and Android users can download the app to experience hundreds of preset filters and shooting modes. The free version of the app only contains 10 presets, but the editing possibilities are endless. Change the white balance, adjust the ISO and play around with color filtering. After snapping the perfect shot, upload it to the VSCO community – a social media-like platform that encourages users to share content.

3.      Cymera

Did you know you could change, filter and warp your standard iPhone or Android camera lens for free? Cymera has a variety of lens types that alter your images and encourage creativity. The app also features dozens of editing options, including image filters and reshaping tools, to create the most unique images imaginable. Cymera leans away from standard, professional photography and favors the creative picture taker.

4.      Snapseed

Snapseed is one of the most downloaded photo editors on both the Android and iOS markets. The editing page offers a sleek and easy-to-use platform that lets you alter the lighting, crop your image, change the color balance and fine-tune other aspects to get the best shot. Professional-level editing tools like curves are hard to find among free apps, but Snapseed does it all.

5.      Photoshop Express

As far as advanced picture editing apps go, Photoshop Express is one of the best. This free editor offers dozens of configurations to correct and enhance your photos. Upload a picture from your library or take one through the app. Fix red eye, adjust the crop and change the saturation to make every single one of your pictures social media ready. Or, use one of the smart auto filters to quickly and easily adjust your photos. The app is free, but you must first sign up for an Adobe ID (which is also free of charge).

6.      Huji Cam

Have you noticed a sudden influx of retro-style photos circling Instagram? Huji Cam is one of the preferred photo apps of social media stars and celebs. The app turns modern pictures into one-shot developed photos reminiscent of the 90s, showcasing grain, washed-out lighting and a digital time stamp. Your phone screen transforms into a disposable camera, featuring just a shutter button and a flash toggle. You can’t edit any pictures through the app, but the raw quality of the photos doesn’t call for editing anyway.

7.      Foodie

Many people like to snap an artsy picture of their food before they eat, post it to social media and let the likes roll in. But not all food pictures are as high-quality as they should be. Foodie has several filters specifically designed for capturing meals, plates and snacks in the best light. The app has a few helpful features for food photography, such as diagrams to help you align the shot or capture a bird’s eye view.

8.      Camera+ 2

If you’re looking to purchase a high-quality camera app, look no further than Camera+ 2. Released as a follow-up to the original Camera+, this app takes your photos to another level. It has a variety of shooting modes, like RAW capture and smile detect. You can even edit photos through the app that you took using your standard smartphone camera. You have complete control over every setting, including shutter speed, exposure, white balance and more. The app is available for purchase on both iOS and Android platforms.

9.      Footej

Android users will love Footej for its simple interface and manual controls. The free version offers a variety of shooting modes and editing options, while the paid version gives a professional touch to every photo. One of the coolest features of this app is the ability to set the focus for different parts of the picture, providing unique aesthetics and complete creative control.

10. Manual Camera

If you’re a photographer who loves controlling every aspect of a photo, you’ll love Manual Camera. The Android app is available for a small purchase fee, but those who enjoy professional photography will likely consider it a great value. Change the focus distance, set the exposure and adjust the white balance for complete control over your photography skills.

11. ProShot

Another top app among photography enthusiasts, ProShot mimics DSLR shooting modes to produce high-quality pictures on Android, iPhone and Windows phones. While it does feature high-tech controls and configurations, it also appeals to point-and-shoot photographers for its ease of use. Quickly and easily set custom modes to use time and time again. Or, use the auto mode to capture dozens of high-def pictures without worrying about tweaking any settings. The app is available for purchase through all app stores.

12. Prisma Photo Editor

Prisma transforms your standard smartphone pictures into creative masterpieces. As an artistic-based editing app, it offers dozens of free filters you can apply to your pictures to give them painted, sketched and stenciled vibes. While some artsy editors may be cheesy or outdated, Prisma’s unique design gives you Instagram-worthy shots every time. There are additional filters for purchase, but the free version gives you more than enough creative control.