Atlanta Marketplace

Atlanta is a thriving hub of culture, diversity and industry. Every year, more than 10,000 new residents flock to the city, drawn by jobs in Atlanta, the warm climate, the music and nightlife and numerous other attractions. Existing residents and ranking tools of all kinds consistently praise the opportunities for employment, advancement and quality of life Atlanta offers to people of every background and lifestyle.

While newcomers exploring Atlanta careers regularly have a good idea of what social and cultural hotspots they want to enjoy when they arrive, they are often less certain about important but intimidating details such as how to find housing, whether or not they will need a vehicle and how to get one, or what job opportunities they can expect. Fortunately, housing, jobs and Atlanta autos are easy to acquire with a little bit of preparation and consideration.

The Atlanta Job Market

New residents can find exceptional full time jobs in Atlanta with Fortune 500, 100 or 1000 companies or scores of local or regional employers. From big names such as UPS and Coca-Cola to the tiny craft breweries and elite shops that give Atlanta’s neighborhoods their distinctive flavors, business is booming. Georgia’s business-friendly tax laws also create an ideal environment for newcomers eager to start and grow their own businesses.

Interested workers can find listings of private sector and government jobs in Atlanta on national, regional and local job sites. They can also follow preferred employers directly on social media or via mailing lists and newsletters. Some workers may even find that they are able to transfer directly to Atlanta by putting in a request with their current employer, if the company has offices or parent companies headquartered in the area.

Atlanta airport jobs are another key attraction for job seekers in the city. As one of the busiest airports in the world, Atlanta’s airport is consistently hiring for positions of every description. From pilots to security to customer service representatives, Atlanta is an excellent starting point for anyone looking to get into the aviation industry.

Atlanta Auto Sales

While Atlanta does have a metropolitan public transit system, both residents and city reviewers agree that having a personal vehicle is highly desirable. The city is largely built around the assumption of personal vehicles, to the extent that its traffic has achieved national notoriety.

Of course, some new residents will bring their existing vehicles with them, paying the necessary Ad Valorem taxes and fees when they arrive to title and register their vehicles in Georgia.

For other residents, plentiful Atlanta car dealerships provide an opportunity to purchase vehicles in-state. In general, vehicles are less expensive in Georgia than the national average. Competition among dealers also creates advantageous conditions for buyers, as even modest effort to shop around routinely yields lower pricing on one’s desired vehicle.

With a high percentage of the population owning vehicles, the second-hand person-to-person market for Atlanta used cars is also bustling. Residents comfortable handling their own transactions and legal paperwork can often find excellent deals on quality used vehicles.

As is true in every state, vehicle buyers should take careful assessment of their needs, desires, confidence level, and available funds before undertaking the purchase of a car. They should carefully weigh the costs and benefits of used vehicles versus new vehicles, and invest wisely. In addition, buyers should remember to calculate the costs of maintenance, taxes, registration and insurance into their total costs to ensure that they purchase a vehicle within their price range.

Apartments in Atlanta

Apartments for rent in Atlanta are an attractive alternative to home buying for many residents. While housing prices in some neighborhoods are prohibitively high, apartments of all sizes and price ranges are available across the city. From studio apartments and lofts to four-bedroom luxury apartments, new and recent construction has created rich options for apartment seekers.

When searching for an apartment in Atlanta, apartment seekers need to take a broad spectrum of factors into consideration such as:

  • Proximity to work.
  • Proximity to public transit or walking or biking paths, if they will be using those modes of transit.
  • Cost.
  • Size.
  • Style.
  • Neighborhood characteristics.
  • Accommodations for children or pets, as needed.
  • Amenities.

More so than many cities, Atlanta prides itself on offering diversity in neighborhoods and housing. One result is that within relatively short distances, unique communities boast entirely different features, assets and personalities. New residents looking for the best apartments in Atlanta are strongly encouraged to pay attention to the character of the neighborhood alongside the features of a specific apartment when choosing housing to ensure a good fit.

Once residents have found a neighborhood, they are comfortable in, they can consider apartment style and size. Studios can be a cost-saving option for students and young professionals, while luxury apartments in the heart of the cultural scene often appeal to more established residents. Cost will also be a deciding factor in most cases, since apartments of the same style can range from less than $1,000 to more than $3,000 depending on location and size.

Many Atlanta rentals include generous amenities such as fitness centers, pools, meeting and recreation rooms, and on-site service providers. While this can increase the average cost of rent, it may reduce prospective renters’ total costs by eliminating other expenses from their budgets. Viewing rent through a big-picture lens can help renters make the best choices overall.

Moving to Atlanta

Regardless of what brings new residents to Atlanta, taking the time to familiarize oneself with key aspects of the city in advance can lead to a smoother transition. Visiting the city in person beforehand can provide an ideal opportunity to explore and become familiar with the city’s layout and important landmarks. It can also help prospective residents determine where the best apartments in Atlanta for their personal needs are located.

Such exploration can also help prospective residents better assess their Atlanta auto needs and potential Atlanta careers. Even prospective residents who do not have the opportunity to prepare in advance, however, will find the busy, energetic city welcoming and full of opportunity.