Atlanta Apartments

Apartments in Atlanta are in high demand. With the city’s strong job growth predicted to continue and more than a dozen Fortune 500 companies centered in the city, there is never a shortage of new and existing residents vying for the best homes across all of the city’s housing types. This is good news for residents seeking apartments for rent in Atlanta, however. Consistent demand and fierce competition are driving apartment owners and management companies to update and upgrade their facilities, increasing the number of creative, convenient and luxury apartments available for rent.

Rent in Atlanta matches or slightly exceeds that of equivalent metro areas across the United States. The average cost of an apartment, as of July 2019, was $1,244 per month. Housing prices continue to rise slightly every quarter in line with the same trends affecting other popular cities such as Sacramento. Fortunately, however, the sheer number and variety of apartments available balances these forces, ensuring that residents of every income level seeking Atlanta rentals can find and select housing options that meet their needs and budgets.

Choosing a Location

Residents looking for apartments in Atlanta quickly discover that the official Metro area covers nearly 30 counties. Within Metro Atlanta, there are dozens of neighborhoods, each with its own personality and conveniently located to its own set of employers, educational institutions, and dining and recreation opportunities. As such, finding the best apartments in Atlanta is an exercise in determining one’s personal needs, priorities and preferences.

Apartment seekers can begin by assessing their priorities, including:

  • Proximity to certain employers or facilities such as the airport
  • Walkability
  • Pet accommodations
  • Cost
  • Apartment size
  • Amenities
  • Style or layout considerations, such as accessibility

While some apartment seekers will decide to pursue apartments in downtown Atlanta, others will find that Midtown Atlanta apartments slightly to the north are a better fit for their needs. Home to botanical gardens, museums, theaters, and parks, Midtown is conveniently located close to both commercial and financial areas of the city and rich cultural and recreational opportunities.

Buckhead Atlanta apartments, located further north still, offer some of the most elegant apartments in the city. Trendy and iconic, Buckhead attracts residents who appreciate its unique architecture, gourmet shops and dining, and rich social life.

Selecting a Style

The second major choice apartment seekers need to make is what style of apartments or condos for rent in Atlanta will best suit their needs.

  • Luxury apartments in Atlanta are a popular choice among high-income singles and families willing and able to pay for convince and style. These apartments are among the most likely to be freshly renovated, offer the latest in technology and be well-located among social and cultural sites and events. Luxury apartments tend to be generously sized and among the most expensive apartments on the market, costing $3,000 per month or more.
  • Studio apartments in Atlanta are an excellent option for young professionals, students and other apartment seekers on a budget. They can also be an ideal choice for workers who travel often and benefit from minimizing their commitments to maintaining a physical space, or who enjoy minimalist living. Studio apartments are inherently small and may require creative and multi-tasking uses of space. Due to their smaller sizes, studios tend to be less expensive than other types of apartments and can help new or young residents afford their own place for the first time.
  • Lofts for rent in Atlanta are similar to studio apartments in that they lack the standard walls separating rooms that traditional apartments boast. Often spacious and high-ceiled, lofts have often floor plans, and may feature architectural details such as exposed piping or brick work. Many are located in former industrial areas and take advantage of old buildings’ natural character. Lofts can fall at varying price points depending upon their location and how recently and thoroughly they have been renovated.

Atlanta Apartment Pricing

Apartments in Atlanta vary widely in cost depending on size, location and amenities. For example, as July 2019, the median cost of an apartment in the Midtown area ranged from $980 per month to $9,630, based on size and property.

Similarly, Downtown apartments cost between $900 per month and $21,100, while rent for pet friendly apartments in Atlanta’s South Tuxedo Park neighborhood started around $1,600 and scaled up to more than $6,000.

Meanwhile, studio apartments in Buckhead typically run between $1,350 and $1,560, with two-bedroom apartments in the same area start at over $1,900. More affordable apartments in the Old Fourth Ward neighborhood start as low as $835 per month but can cost as much as $7,200.

While these numbers may seem high out of context, the median household income in Atlanta is $60,000, and the median home price is $138,000, with many properties nearing the $500,000 point. Apartments for rent in Atlanta typically provide a very affordable alternative to home ownership for prospective, new and existing residents.


When considering apartment costs, it is also important to remember that most new apartments in Atlanta include an array of amenities. Rental properties may have on-site gyms, meeting or recreational rooms, work spaces, storage spaces, swimming pools, dog parks or laundry facilities. Many apartments are available pre-furnished, as well.

While renters may pay more upfront to lease these apartments, they are spared many costly nickel-and-dime expenses of daily life. Ultimately, this enables many renters to reduce their costs and save money. This is particularly true of individuals who live on or near public transportation routes or within walking distance of the places where they work and play, who may be able to forego owning a vehicle and the associated expenses.

When searching for the best apartments in Atlanta, it is essential that prospective renters look at the larger picture of their lives and budgets. Only a holistic view can equip apartment seekers to find, identify and select the apartments that best and most cost-effectively meet their needs from the bountiful supply of attractive and available apartments in the Atlanta Metro area.