Atlanta Braves

Did you know that the Atlanta Braves franchise is the longest continually operating sports team in the U.S.? Did you also know that the Braves’ first home was in Boston? Atlanta’s beloved baseball team has a history steeped in ups and downs and miracle comebacks, like the 1991 pennant race. The team dominated the 90s and gained a loyal fanbase in A-Town, which is just as exuberant today as ever.

The Braves schedule is favorable to fans who love making a trip to the ballpark a regular routine. In fact, the team averages roughly 80 home games each season. Throughout the last few seasons, the team has seen solid improvements to its record. Better players, better coaching and better pitching have increased attendance at SunTrust Park. One thing is certain: attending a Braves game is a must for both Atlanta natives and visitors, alike.

History of the Atlanta Braves

The Atlanta Braves franchise has seen its fair share of names, home cities and mascots. The team was founded in Boston in 1871 under the name of Red Stockings. Since then, it has seen several name changes, including:

  • Boston Red Caps
  • Boston Beaneaters
  • Boston Doves
  • Boston Rustlers
  • Boston Braves
  • Boston Bees

The Braves score record increased after it relocated to Milwaukee in 1953, where it stayed for 13 years before finding its forever home in Atlanta. Currently, they are part of the Major League Baseball (MLB) National League (NL) East division.

Atlanta Braves World Series Wins

The Atlanta Braves record includes three World Series championships, only one of which occurred while the franchise was located in Atlanta. The first came in 1914 while the team was known as the Boston Braves. They beat the Philadelphia Athletics in four games. The second Braves baseball World Series championship came in 1957 while the team was situated in Milwaukee. They beat the defending series winners, the New York Yankees, in four games to three. The most recent World Series championship came in 1995 under manager Bobby Cox. He led the team to victory against the Cleveland Indians in 4 games to 2.

Atlanta Braves Roster

The Atlanta Braves roster is fluid, just like most other MLB teams. Players get traded at the drop of a hat by owners looking to piece together a championship team. However, there are many notable players for the 2019 season that are getting fans across the city excited for spring.

Ronald Acuña, Jr.

Although he debuted just last season, Acuña shows promise as being one of the Braves’ best hitters. In 2018, he logged 24 homers, 64 RBIs and a grand slam against the Dodgers in the NL Division series postseason game. The young outfielder was last year’s NL Rookie of the Year.

Freddie Freeman

Freeman is a longstanding Brave who, in 2018, finished the regular season as the NL leader in base hits (191). He won a Gold Glove for first base in the same year and finished first among the team in batting average (.309). He also won the 2018 Wilson Defensive Player of the Year Award.

Ozzie Albies

Another one of the young Atlanta Braves players, Albies had a remarkable debut season in 2017. He hit his first career walk-off home run against the Cincinnati Reds in 2018. The second baseman and shortstop finished the year with a .268 batting average and looks to improve in the coming season.

Mike Foltynewicz

Known fondly as the Braves’ ace pitcher, Foltynewicz came to Atlanta in 2015. He pitched his first career complete game in June of 2018 and shut out the Washington Nationals. With a 6-5 record and an ERA of 2.37, he was called up to the 2018 All Star Game.

Atlanta Braves Schedule

The Braves schedule is jam-packed with home games to allow fans the chance to cheer on Acuña, Freeman, Albies and the lot. Baseball is known for having the highest number of games per season, and the Braves are no different. The team averages around 80 home games per season, giving fans a variety of games to attend. The Braves spring training schedule is already well under way in Kissimmee, Florida. The team plays the final spring training season at Champion Stadium in 2019.

The Braves home schedule begins April 1, 2019 with a home opener against the Chicago Cubs. Notable games include a revenge series against the Los Angeles Dodgers played in LA, to which the Braves lost in the NL Division Series. Other must-see home games include the July 4 game against the Phillies, where fans can see fireworks and celebrate Independence Day at SunTrust Park. Interleague matchups include:

  • Detroit Tigers (May 31 – June 2).
  • Kansas City Royals (July 23 – 24).
  • Chicago White Sox (August 30 – September 1).
  • Toronto Blue Jays (September 2 – 3).

Atlanta Braves Stadium

Every home Braves game is played at SunTrust Park, a brand-new baseball stadium that opened for its first game on April 14, 2017. It’s more than just a ballpark – it’s a multi-use development and community facility. See all the Atlanta Braves players in action in 2019 at one of the team’s 81 home games at SunTrust Park. The Stadium can hold just under 42,000 fans and has 11,000 parking spaces available.

Before SunTrust Park was built, Braves tickets were sold at Turner Field. It was built in 1993 to host the 1996 Summer Olympics. The Braves played at Turner Field until 2016. Now, the stadium is home to college football and has been renamed to Georgia State Stadium.

Atlanta Braves Rivals

Braves baseball means one thing: rooting against the New York Mets. The two teams are division rivals, though recently it has been rather peaceful. The heyday of the rivalry was in the late 90s and early 2000s, when both teams competed for postseason play. The two teams met in the 1999 National League Championship Series (NLCS), where the Braves won it in six games and headed to the World Series (they would later lose to the New York Yankees).

Atlanta Braves Tickets

Braves tickets typically go on sale months in advance to give fans ample time to buy. Single-game tickets are available for any and all home games at SunTrust Park. Other Atlanta Braves tickets and options include four-game packages, which give fans entry into pre-chosen games or games of their choice. Fans may also opt for season tickets if they plan to attend multiple home games. Ticket prices vary depending on the opponent and the seating location. Typically, prices range from $15 to $200 during the regular season.

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