Georgia Bulldogs

The Georgia Bulldogs may be based in Athens, but there’s no questioning that the team is at the heart of every Atlantan. Georgia football is a staple in Atlanta; in fact, the only certain things in the Peach State are death, taxes and football on Sundays. There’s something different about college football that draws fans from all backgrounds. Young kids play their hearts out for a shot at a national title and hometown pride.

The college football schedule for the Bulldogs typically runs from August until the end of November. During that time, Atlantans flock to nearby Sanford Stadium to catch coach Kirby Smart and the gang battle it out for bragging rights. You won’t want to miss the intensity of a match against next-door-neighbor rival Auburn or the excitement of a game under the lights. Learn all you need to know to become a Bulldogs ride-or-die, including the team’s history, current players, important matchups, rivalries and everything in between.

History of the Georgia Bulldogs

The University of Georgia football team was established in 1892, one of the first in the deep south. In fact, the team’s second-ever game occurred between the Bulldogs and now-rival Auburn Tigers, initiating one of the NCAA’s fiercest rivalries. In its early years, the program helped shape modern day rules and regulations. Glenn “Pop” Warner coached here from 1895-96, incorporating several important strategies that can still be seen today.

The Bulldogs are part of the Southeastern Conference (SEC), where they’ve notched 13 conference championships. The team has appeared in an impressive 55 bowl games, a second-place record among NCAA teams. They have been chosen as national champions in six different seasons, including:

  • 1920.
  • 1927.
  • 1942.
  • 1946.
  • 1968.
  • 1980.

Georgia Bulldogs Roster

The Georgia football roster changes frequently as players graduate or enter the NFL draft. Most Bulldogs are recruited out of high school, play for four years and proceed to enter the draft if their skills are up to par. Some legendary football stars got their start at Georgia, including Bill Stanfill and Herschel Walker. Other iconic players to wear the Bulldogs jersey include:

  • Matthew Stafford.
  • Todd Gurley.
  • Hines Ward.
  • Garrison Hearst.
  • Terrell Davis.
  • Knowshon Moreno.

Jake Fromm

At the top of the Georgia football roster sits quarterback Jake Fromm, a Georgia native and beloved member of the Bulldogs. In his first two seasons, he logged more than 2,500 yards each year and earned completion percentages in the high 60s. In 2018, he led the team to an SEC conference championship game, though the team lost to Alabama, and made an appearance in the Sugar Bowl where the Bulldogs lost to Texas.

Jeremiah Holloman

The young wide receiver for the Bulldogs anticipates an electric upcoming season. After several stars graduate and/or declare for the draft, expect to see Holloman taking more passes from Fromm. He finished 2018 with 418 yards and five touchdowns.

Eli Wolf

The tight end transfer from Tennessee is poised to have a big impact for the Bulldogs in the upcoming season. Wolf aims to fill the big shoes left by NFL-draftee Isaac Nauta. During his time in Tennessee, he was elected captain and gained valuable leadership skills.

Georgia Bulldogs Schedule

The college football schedule for Georgia begins with the regular season, which starts in August and ends in November. The 2019 schedule is not quite finalized, but the season is set to kick off on August 21 against Vanderbilt. The Georgia bulldogs schedule includes some notable matchups, like games against:

  • The University of Notre Dame (September 21).
  • The University of Florida (November 2).
  • Auburn University (November 16).

The Georgia football schedule almost always includes a stint in the conference tournament as well as a bowl game. The storied program has played in 55 bowl games over the course of its history, so it won’t come as a surprise if the season ends with a high-ranking bowl game.

Georgia Bulldogs Rivalries

University of Georgia football fans can all agree on one thing: a game against Auburn is a must-see sporting event. The Auburn-Georgia rivalry started in 1892 and has been renewed each year for a total of 122 games. It is known as the “Deep South’s Oldest Rivalry,” a phrase that entices all fans to head to the stadium to watch. The Bulldogs have the most current winning streak of two, winning the teams’ last meeting in 2018. The two schools are just a state apart, comingling the fans and rivals in shared dorm rooms and common areas.

Georgia football also has an intense rivalry with the University of Florida, another close neighbor. The two teams do not agree on when the rivalry began; Georgia argues it started in 1904 while Florida disputes the start was made in 1915. The two teams have met 97 times, and Georgia holds the record of 52 wins, 43 losses and 2 ties. Georgia has won the last two meetings.

Sanford Stadium

Sanford Stadium is the home of the Bulldogs and has been for quite some time. The long-standing stadium was built in 1929 and has been renovated multiple times to accommodate for the team’s growing fan base. The original capacity was just 30,000 fans; over the years, it expanded 10 times to now hold 92,746 spectators.

The Georgia Bulldogs stadium is often referred to as one of college football’s most beautiful on-campus arenas. Games are played “between the hedges,” which were planted in 1929 and replaced just once after the 1996 summer Olympics. It is located in Athens, Georgia, just 70 miles east of Atlanta.

Georgia Bulldogs Tickets

Georgia football tickets sell out quickly, so it is always best to buy ahead of time. Fans are given plenty of options for purchasing tickets, including single game and season tickets. A single game ticket allows fans to attend a game of their choice, whereas season tickets guarantee attendance at each of the team’s regular season home games.

Sanford Stadium ticket prices vary depending on the opponent and location of the seat. Single game tickets generally cost between $55 and $200. Season tickets are more expensive, as they allow fans to attend multiple home games.

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