The Culture-Defining Music Scene in Atlanta

The Atlanta music scene has been one of the most culture-defining in the country, making an impact on the industry that can rival other major cities like Brooklyn or Los Angeles. Atlanta, the cultural capital of the south, is home to some of the most unique and cutting edge artists in the music industry. The city is brimming with incredibly talented musicians and producers who dabble in all sorts of genres from hip-hop and bluegrass, to indie rock.

Atlanta is known for many things including its trendsetting hip-hop artists, crowd-favorite music festivals and great concert variety. However, concerts in Atlanta aren’t the only place to see the best live music. There is also a wide selection of bars that focus on a specific genre and feature live performances by local artists. Read on to learn more about the different aspects of the lively music scene in Atlanta.

Atlanta: The New Heart of Hip-Hop

When you talk about Atlanta music, it is impossible to go without discussing the incredible impact and influence that the city has had on the hip-hop industry. During the 90’s, hip-hop was biggest in New York City and Los Angeles. However, when OutKast won the 1995 Source Award for the Best New Rap Group, it signified a new era for rap music. Rappers from Atlanta began creating a fresh new style of hip-hop that brought in Atlanta’s distinct rap sound.

Today, producers and rappers from Atlanta continue to make chart-topping songs and have garnered fans from all over the world. T.I ushered in the trap rap genre and other artists like Gucci Mane and Migos have carried the genre to new heights. With new artists popping up every day, Atlanta is one of the best places to find both new and established hip-hop talent.

Live Music Venues in Atlanta

While Atlanta concerts feature some of the most popular artists touring the nation, the city is also home to many live music venues where local artists perform nightly. These venues make sure to book great talent, many of which are up-and-coming musicians looking for their big break. There is a venue for almost every popular genre including jazz, hip-hop, indie and more.

Here are some of the best live music venues in Atlanta.

Star Bar

Fans of alternative or indie rock should make their way to the Star Bar in Atlanta to catch a live performance. Although it is small, this popular bar has made a big impression on music lovers with its consistent schedule of live shows three nights a week. The Star Bar is the perfect place to grab a drink and listen to some fresh alternative and indie rock performances.

The Masquerade Atlanta

The Masquerade in Atlanta is the venue for people who are looking for a night of head-banging or thrashing in a mosh pit. There are three levels to this venue and each one has its own stage for performers. The three stages are appropriately named Hell, Purgatory and Heaven and they always host the best local heavy metal and punk bands. For a night of teeth-rattling music, the Masquerade in Atlanta is the ideal venue.

Churchill Grounds

If you are looking for jazz clubs in Atlanta for a more laidback kind of night, then Churchill Grounds is the perfect venue for you. This small venue is simple and intimate, featuring a gold-and-mahogany theme for the stage room. This jazz-focused venue features local artists almost every night of the week and can be found right night to the Fox Theatre in Atlanta.

Eddie’s Attic

Eddie’s Attic is best-known for being the venue to visit to catch a performance by the next biggest singer-songwriters in the country. This venue is a popular gateway for up-and-coming artists to gain some spotlight. In fact, major superstars like Justin Bieber and John Mayer first got a glimpse of stardom after performing in Eddie’s Attic. Music fanatics can visit the venue on Monday’s open mic nights in order to discover the newest budding talents or they can catch a show from touring musicians.

Atlanta Music Festivals

Atlanta is a city full of music lovers who enjoy a show under the open sky, so it’s no wonder why some of the best music festivals in the country are located there. From jazz and classic rock to EDM and hip-hop, Atlanta music festivals have something for every genre. Music fans can learn more about the different festivals in Atlanta to find the one that fits their taste perfectly.

Here are some of our favorite Atlanta music festivals.

Shaky Knees Music Festival

The Shaky Knees Music Festival has quickly become one of the most popular rock festivals in the country, and it has only been around for a few years compared to competing events. This backyard festival has quickly grown into a massive crowd-favorite that has featured headliners like Tame Impala, Beck, Jack White and many more rock legends.

Shaky Beats Music Festival

Shaky Beats is the festival for fans of artists who are making the biggest waves on the radio like Marshmello, Zedd, Big Gigantic, Martin Garrix and many more. Festivalgoers will get a huge dosage of bass and beats at this popular Atlanta music festival. Although this festival is relatively new, it has quickly become a favorite amongst residents and visitors of Atlanta. For a festival that offers an all-night dance party with amazing light shows and heavy bass, Shaky Beats is the best choice.

Atlanta Jazz Festival

The Atlanta Jazz Festival at Piedmont Park is an exciting annual event that showcases local jazz artists and jazz legends. There are also youth jazz band competitions and many activities for kids and families to enjoy. The best part about this festival is that it is entirely free to the public! In fact, the Atlanta Jazz Festival is one of the largest free jazz festivals in the nation. Now, over 40 years since it first launched, the festival brings together hundreds of artists for a celebration each Memorial day.